It’s easy to just say “I’ll go online”, or “I don’t feel like going out”, etc.  BUT, let’s think about this for a second…

IT’S TIME FOR A NEW WAY OF LIFE! Look at yourself. No, REALLY look in the mirror and evaluate. See that face? That’s the face of someone courageous enough to make life-changing decisions to live the best life possible! That person is ready to do big things, and it all starts with taking a step forward. GO to that support group. GO to that event. GO visit that friend. It’s time!

Still, feel a bit reserved? Unsure? Maybe a little nervous? Let’s work on some confidence builders to help you feel ready.



Every morning, after you’ve prepared for the day, look in the mirror and say something nice about yourself. It can be anything. From “I’m a fantastic friend”, to “My hair is beautiful!” WRITE THESE DOWN! Let us suggest using Post-It notes and placing them next to things you look at often, such as doorways, mirrors, refrigerators, etc.





Networking can not only boost your confidence but bring opportunities you didn’t even know existed. From friendships, love connections, job/business possibilities, and more.



Write it down!

Self-reflection and evaluating can help you see things in yourself you never thought of before and help you see what’s holding you back!

Where to begin? List your strengths!


Give Compliments!

Did you know people who give compliments routinely get great feedback for themselves from others? It also feels amazing to make someone else’s day, which gives us an extra boost of happiness and confidence!

Start complimenting today. Don’t be shy!




 How you start your day makes a BIG difference!

  • Make your bed every morning.
  • Shower, groom, and dress even when you feel like hiding under the covers!
  • Eat a healthy protein-packed breakfast!
  • Don’t forget your self-affirmations!

You will FEEL the difference!


Positive self-talk.

Change your internal dialogue. Those little things you say to yourself like, “I wish I wasn’t overweight”, or “Ugh! I hate the way I look!”

Stop that! Did you know that what we say to ourselves alters how we feel? Not only mentally, but physically as well.

Every time you catch yourself saying negative things about yourself, stop and say something positive and start purposely telling yourself daily affirmations such as, “I look fabulous”, or “I’m on my way to a more fit me!” Keep at this! You WILL see results!


Daily to-do lists!

Write out all the things that you can easily accomplish THAT DAY! It will feel good to cross items off your list, giving you a sense of accomplishment. It will feel empowering to see how productive you are. Setting these smaller goals will boost your confidence and keep your motivation flowing!

After putting these tips into practice you will see changes in your confidence and self-esteem! Now go live life out loud! We hope to see you at all our upcoming support groups!