We Have Support for You at Every Stage of the Bariatric Process

We Have Support for You at Every Stage of the Bariatric Process

Bariatric Support

Research shows that patients who regularly attend support groups have a greater level of success with weight loss. We have an online support group for our patients on Facebook and we also have an in-person support group meeting once a month. A registered nurse or health care specialist monitors our support groups. Our support groups are for those at any stage of the bariatric process.

weight loss support patients smile and help each other through their bariatric journeys
bariatric support group smiles and works together for their weight loss success

In-Person Support

Our in-person support group meetings happen once a month and all patients are invited to attend. We highly encourage active participation and input. We sometimes have speakers and special events or small group discussions.

Check KC Bariatric Facebook and Instagram for upcoming dates and topics for our in-person meetings. We usually film our support group meetings so those that can’t attend can still access the information. The videos are posted to our Facebook page. All support group meetings take place in the Conference Room at Prairie Star Health, Building A. No registration is required.

Free Clothing Exchange

As you transition through several sizes, you may want to donate clothing bigger than you now need. You can “shop” for items that fit you before support group meetings or anytime during our business hours. Please call 913-676-8491 or 913-676-8492 before visiting and we can open the closet for you. Follow the button below to find out more about what items we accept.

dietitians annie and sidney offer nutritional coaching at kc bariatric

Checkout Our Bariatric Educational Videos

We create series of bariatric educational videos for patients that are available on our Youtube and Facebook. These videos include everything from “Surgeon Question & Answer,” “Frequently Asked Bariatric Questions,” “Dietitian Talk,” and “Workout Videos.”

Journey Supplements

Our new Journey Bariatric Multivitamin is a unique formulation developed by KC Bariatric. Vitamins now include a probiotic to help patients better tolerate food, minimize symptoms of lactose intolerance, aid in healing, and speed weight loss!

journey bariatric vitamins
hand holding phone up with baritastic app open on kc bariatric program page

Baritastic App

Download for free from most major app stores. The Baritastic App allows you to record inches lost, keep track of your food and water intake, set reminders for vitamins, and access bariatric-friendly recipes.

Personal Que Habla Español

Contamos con miembros del personal que hablan español para ayudarlo en su proceso de pérdida de peso. ¡Llámanos al 913-955-3790 y podemos ayudarte!

KC bariatric has spanish speaking providers for patients