Bariatric Support Group
Meditation for Inner Peace
Facilitator: Rosie Dominguez and Chris Bovos, RN, CBN

Chris introduced Rosie Dominguez, who is a spiritual and wellness coach.  Rosie shared her story of how she used to have a very stress filled job for many years, and then with the illness of her mother, began a shift that led her to a number of big changes that helped her to reconnect with her true inner self and began living from her heart.  She began using a healing technique called Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT “tapping,” that helps a person to move away from “feeling unlovable”   to a place of self-love.

She also discussed the practice of meditation as a way to deal with the everyday stress in our lives rather than seeking comfort in food.  Meditation has been used for thousands of years in other cultures as a form of prayer or way to clear the mind and refocus our lives on what is most important to us.  She led us through a short guided meditation, which began with getting into a comfortable position either on the floor, sitting in a chair, or even lying down.  Then we took 3 slow, cleansing breaths, and then she spoke quietly and softly about relaxing every part of our body, breathing into those areas that may be painful, and ended with meditating to music.  Silent meditation takes a lot of practice and she discussed how when you are trying to quiet your mind, thoughts will continually come into your mind. The best way to deal with those is to simply acknowledge them and then return to focus on your breathing.  Some people use a word or a phrase to focus on (sometimes called a mantra) to help them focus by repeating it while they are meditating.

By meditating on a daily basis, usually twice a day for 10 to 20 minutes, you can begin to find you are more able to deal with life’s stresses and challenges as they arise.  Rosie suggested that you set a timer so that you know when you are finished.  There are many CD’s that can be used for meditation, but Rosie emphasized that the voice of the person speaking in the CD is crucial.  If the voice does not “suit” you, you won’t be able to relax and meditate listening to it, so you may need to try a few different CD’s.