Winter Fitness




Don’t let cold weather set you back! We can still stay motivated and moving all winter long! “BUT HOW!?!” You ask. Well, start by making a list of what motivates you, put yourself in that mindset while planning your winter fitness.




It can be invigorating to exercise outside in the winter. Just be sure to dress in a way that allows you to start off warm and remove articles of clothing as needed. Start with a moisture wicking fabric as a base layer. As opposed to materials like cotton, which absorb sweat, this will help sweat evaporate quickly. Also consider wearing a snug layer of nylon tights under your pants to help insulate your legs. Cover these first layers with another layer for insulation. Also opt for items with zippers or mesh sides to help regulate your body temperature. For the outer layer wear a nylon jacket or windbreaker. These are breathable and help repel wind and water while remaining lightweight. Then just remove layers as needed. You may actually find exercising in the winter weather very enjoyable if you’re prepared for it.



Music– If it doesn’t make you happy it won’t keep you in the right mindset! Make a new playlist and keep it high energy. Music is an instant mood changer so crank it up and let it inspire you to take action!




Environment– If you prefer a gym make SURE you feel comfortable. The last thing you need is to walk in the gym and immediately wish you were invisible! If you feel that way It’s time to switch gyms.

Are you a home workout type of person? You have so many options but make sure you don’t go overboard when creating your workout space, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Make the space inviting like pictures that inspire you, that air freshener or candle etc. that makes you think of your favorite vacation spot. Remove anything in the area that makes you want to rest.


Working out at home can be as easy as a screen and some resistance bands. There are many videos that can be accessed through the internet, streaming tv surfaces and the app store. Most do not require any kind of equipment and can/should be modified to be doable to any level of exerciser. Moving your body against gravity is a safe and functional way of strengthening and some light resistance bands can target any muscle group you wish. Don’t forget your arms!     

Set an exercise goal for each week and then reward yourself with something non-food related you enjoy when you hit that goal.