It’s not just your outlook on life that makes the difference, it’s what you DO to be proactive in obtaining a good life. Weight-loss surgery is a fantastic tool to help you reach your health goals. Along the way, you may realize what else you have put aside in your life that could now use some attention to help you live your best life. Our bodies go through a metamorphosis, from emotional as well as physical. We may find ourselves analyzing other aspects of our lives and wanting to go on a bit of an improvement spree! This is completely OK and totally normal.






Believe it or not, journaling is known for helping to reduce stress and so many other benefits. Some of us may even call it “soul medicine” because it has the potential to change your mood. Many times, self-reflection changes your perspective, especially after you read it back to yourself. You can journal in many forms: traditional pen and paper, a note app on your phone, song writing, and poetry. All of these are great outlets! Read more about the benefits of journaling here…

The Benefits of Journaling for Stress Management   




You may not even realize you have a problem with self-worth and confidence until you read something and think “THAT’S ME!”  If you find you are struggling in this area, counseling is a good added tool. Self-esteem and self-confidence issues usually indicate that you don’t think very highly of yourself and that’s NOT OK. Confidence and self-esteem play a huge role in our daily lives, including our feeling towards ourselves, our relationships, our jobs, and how we view and react to the world around us. Here are two fantastic articles to read on both confidence and self-worth. 


Building Self-Confidence – Stress Management Skills from Mind …

5 Ways To Realize Your Own Self-Worth



It’s a tremendous resource to have a support system of amazing people that you can count on to be in your corner. Sharing in the joys and being there for each other in the hard times as well. Sometimes we may find ourselves a bit puzzled about relationships in general and could use a little bit of direction. You may find these two articles very helpful.

7 Tips For Being Your Truest Self In A New Relationship

Making Good Friends –



The value of having routines will surprise you. It sets your day up for success! Your mood is elevated and you will be more active and alert.  A good read on the topic… 


How to Create a Morning Routine for a Successful Day …





The Bariatric Center of Kansas City offers services that will help you along the way. Continuing in after-care support is a HUGE component in aiding you on your WHOLE journey. We are committed to the whole person and we want you to thrive in this new life!

13 Ways to Improve Your Life –


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