Have you ever heard the term “Fat Brain”? Maybe you have heard another term that has a similar meaning. Although we don’t like the term, we hear it often, especially in the social media communities. So let’s talk openly about that for a minute. What does that term REALLY mean?

You typically hear the term used in sentences like, “Oh man, I want that cookie! I have to stop using my ‘fat brain’. Or, “I went shopping and my ‘fat brain’ kept pulling me towards the larger section even though I’m in a medium now”. Trust us, there is more to it than that.



“Fat Brain” is the old way of thinking. It is the “I’m not good enough” part of our thinking, the non-go-getter, the part that says “don’t go talk to that person” you’ve always wanted to befriend. Always being afraid of an undesired outcome is no way to live! How will you ever find true happiness if you choose to sit things out because of fear? The mind is THE most powerful tool in your arsenal! We have the ability to train our minds. With a little patience, and sometimes some help from a professional mental healthcare provider, we can completely change our outlook and attitude towards life.



Self-reflection and evaluation are key components in reaching your new level of self, and the only way there is to break through mental barriers we have built for our protection. Address each mental obstacle one at a time. It may help to pick apart the emotion and discover why it’s associated with whatever activity causes you anxiety.

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