For many patients, opting for an elective procedure can come with a lot of questions and a fear of the unknown. It is always helpful to take into consideration what the process will be like before and after surgery. We reached out to our veteran patients and asked them what their best piece of advice was for new patients. Listed below are helpful tips and tricks from our very own patients to prepare you for your surgery and help you have a successful bariatric journey after surgery!



Before Surgery:

  • Prepare your kitchen – get rid of things you will no longer be able to eat and have smaller sized containers for servings. – Lauren
  • Exercise. – Robyn
  • Stop the bad habits now…at least as much as you can. Give up the soda, chips, candy well before your surgery date. Get in the habit of eating your protein first. Don’t wait until after the surgery. Change your eating habits now. – Becky
  • If you have any kind of food addiction, work it out BEFORE surgery. – Mindy
  • Quit the caffeine and carbonation asap and never go back. – Kathy
  • Prepare your home and family for your lifestyle changes. Attend a few support group meeting pre-op and ask questions. – Stephanie
  • Come to terms with your unhealthy relationship with food. – Shana
  • Don’t bring a bunch of things with you to the center when you have your procedure, you need very little! Remember, everything you bring will need to be dragged back home and put away. The staff will give you what you need. – Traci
  • Start exercising well before surgery…. even if it’s walking. – Sheryl
  • Make sure you’re ready and your family is ready. It’s a lifestyle change for sure. – Jennifer
  • Start your habits before your surgery so it makes transition easier. – Leslie
  • Two or three days into the liquid diet, you will think there is no possible way you can do it for 2 weeks. Hang in there…by day 4 it gets better and by day 5 you got this! – Tracy
  • Mental health mental health mental health……..lots of us are addicted to food and this doesn’t go away just because you have surgery……get your head right. – Heather
  • Liquid diet… you’ll get sick of sweet stuff. Buy a lot of chicken broth. It really helps. – Joyce
  • Don’t be in a hurry, make sure you are mentally ready for what your body is going to go through! -Erica
  • Don’t think you can cheat on your liquid diet. Find a good homemade broth recipe on Pinterest. You will be amazed at how satiated you get after a cup of broth. – Zondi
  • Watch plenty of YouTube vids and be sure you are ready to make this journey. One thing that stuck with me during my preop liquid diet, “those that cheat the preop will be less successful after surgery”. Stick to it. -Andrea
  • I was so mad when my insurance company made me do 6 months of supervised weight loss with the dietitian. I am so glad they did!! Recommend it to everyone. So much better to have the plan in your head before surgery so you know where you are going afterwards. – Cindy

After Surgery:

  • Follow the tried and true guidelines closely. Call the office if in doubt. Be patient with your adjustment back to “foods”. Use your tool! Enjoy your new life! – Lauren
  • Use the first 12-18months to lose the absolute most you can by sticking to the eating plan. – Sharon
  • Measure everything. It really helps you know how much food you’re eating. Log it. All kinds of free food apps. I like Baritastic. And finally, sit up straight when you eat and drink. Don’t lean or slouch over. Let your food and water have a nice straight path down. – Linn
  • Exercise. – Robyn
  • Take advantage of time to heal and walk when you can. – Traci
  • Follow your post op guidelines for each stage. If in doubt call the office and ask. Be patient with yourself because your body is changing. Have realistic expectations! Remember surgery is a tool but you still have to do the work. – Stephanie
  • Follow the rules! They know what they are talking about. It’s not always fun but it is healthy and leads to a freedom you never thought you’d have again. The rules are there for a reason! Eating, drinking, supplements….follow all the rules! – Charlotte
  • Don’t beat yourself up because your progress is different than others. Everyone is different. Do not drink your calories unless it is in the form of a protein shake and do not drink carbonated beverages. – Leah
  • Follow the diet! I had zero problems because I followed the diet plan every week. It works! – Danny
  • Start walking now. Walk as soon as you’re steady after surgery and continue walking. Take your vitamins – don’t go cheap on your vitamins!! Listen to the experts at the center. You are paying them to take out a part of your body respect the second chance you’re getting! – Kathy
  • Do not smoke after surgery – Shana
  • Food will always be there. Lose as much weight as you can the first year. Focus! This is your second chance at life..make the most of it. – Andrea
  • Shop and stock up on protein & supplements and whatever food you’re allowed! – Jennifer
  • Don’t expect too much, too soon. It is a slow recovery, but well worth it. Also, as you are learning how to eat again(with your new pouch), remember that your mind and taste buds may tell you to keep eating, but trust me….stop before you are full – Marcia
  • After surgery exercise as soon as you can, get back to that exercise routine. It’s a matter of success -Sheryl
  • Surgery isn’t a miracle. You have to do the work too. It’s a tool to assist you but if you eat bad food and don’t exercise you will stall or gain weight back. Find a good support group. Learn from mistakes. Also you may get weird taste aversions. For awhile I could not tolerate cold water but room temp water was fine. Carbonated stuff will hurt – don’t push it there. Can’t drink beer anymore. – Laura
  • Take your vitamins! -Kristina 
  • Be patient and work the process. – Suzie
  • Follow the plan as is! Don’t try to cheat the rules. There is a reason there is a plan, don’t re-create it or adjust it for yourself. This is a new life, make the changes to be the best you!  – Jennifer
  • DON’T cheat ever! You might not gain weight at first, but if you continue it will catch up with you… so save yourself and just don’t do it. If you notice you are eating more than before, try and scale back as soon as possible. Take your vitamins everyday. If you get to the point where you’re having problems taking them… try a different kind or type. Don’t stop them though! Start your habits before your surgery so it makes transition easier. Drink water as often as you can. Always carry a drink with you whenever you go. I didn’t loose as much in the beginning, which I was worried about but it eventually sped up, so don’t give up! and lastly… (this is my opinion only) if you are a single woman when you loose weight.. you will get a lot more attention, so stay true to yourself and keep those standards high! You deserve the best! Do not settle! -Leslie
  • Be patient with yourself. – Joyce
  • Eat very slowly as you readjust to solids then follow the rules. Protein first! Stop the carbonation and don’t cheat on it. Definitely wait 30 minutes after eating before you drink anything. If you feel hungry when you shouldn’t be, stop, take a breath, and realize it might just be nerves or old habits. -Marilyn
  • Have faith, you will have your up and downs! Try to make the support groups! -Charity
  • Take it slow and only get on the scale once per week. -Joyce
  • Listen to the doctor and don’t rush things. It happens in its time. Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone’s journey is their own. -Karen
  • Ask for help and listen to it. – Sandy
  • Above all else, stick to the plan. – William

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