Kim is a patient of the Bariatric Center of KC, having had her surgery 2 ½ years ago.  She leads a support group in Harrisonville where she lives,  and was recently certified as a personal trainer. She is passionate about working with people going through this journey. 

Kim talked first about why she first decided to have surgery; she talked about wanting to never go to the “dark place” she went to emotionally whenever she would go on a diet and lose weight, and then regain it.  She didn’t ever want to feel that way again. She came to a seminar to hear about getting the band, and left knowing she wanted to have a sleeve instead.  She met a lot of resistance from family, but was determined never to feel that same feeling again.  She has not only maintained her weight loss, but even in the last year lost 20 lbs by focusing on getting her personal trainer certification in order to help people work out who were intimidated by going to a gym to begin working out.

She brought a “gift box” with her to talk about all the gifts that surgery has given her over the last couple of years.  She brought them each out and shared what they represented:

  • A remote control symbolized her sense of regaining control of her life and her appetite after surgery
  • A sports bra was representative of all the support she has received from support groups, the clinicians she has worked with at the office, in the hospital, and friends and family
  • A camera represented her running away from having her picture taken before surgery, to being comfortable having her picture posted by her girls
  • A crown represented her feel special – before surgery she was “special” because of the things she couldn’t do, and now feels special because she can
  • A light bulb represented the energy she now has for all the things she wants to do with her family and how much energy she has for working out, which she loves
  • And last was an hour glass which represented the gift of more time with her family since she is much healthier and has added years to her life.

We then got into small groups and each person shared the gifts they have received from surgery on their journey or what gifts they still hope to receive if they are just starting it.  There were wonderful and uplifting stories shared by all.  Thank you, Kim, for sharing your journey and positivity with everyone!