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Weight Loss Clothing Exchange


In order to help our patients defray the cost of buying new clothing each time they lose a size during their rapid weight loss period, post-operative patients may donate clothing back to the clothing exchange when they no longer need them.

PLEASE follow these guidelines when bringing clothing to donate:

  • Please only bring clothing that is size 3X or smaller
  • Please bring clothing that is appropriate for work or nice casual clothing
  • Please only bring clothing that is clean and in good condition – no holes, stains, missing buttons or broken zippers
  • Please do not bring clothing that has been sitting in a garbage bag in the basement for several years and is covered with cat hair and very wrinkled. We will not display it, as no one wants to go through those items
  • Please do not bring underwear unless still in the package
  • Please do not bring every item of clothing you have – bring no more 3 or 4 pair of jeans per size, and do not bring every T-shirt from every national park you have been to J
  • Please do not bring children’s clothing – we are not Goodwill!
  • Please bring clothes that are in season – we don’t have a lot of storage to save things for different seasons.

You may help yourself to whatever items you want to try that are in the clothing exchange – you do not need to bring items to be able to take items.  

Clothing that is not taken within 3 – 6 months will be donated to one of several thrift stores or to the Veterans. 

The clothing exchange takes a lot of work by several volunteers, so please respect their time and don’t send items that don’t belong. Please donate them yourself to a charity of your choice.  Thank you.