Facilitators:  Sensai Janelle and Gary from USSD Lenexa

Sensai Janelle first explained the two different styles of martial arts classes that they teach. First is Kempo, an active style- the yang version; and Tai Chi, a slower focused style- the ying version. She went on to explain that during Tai Chi one uses slow, relaxed movements with deep rhythmic breathing. She called this a “sneaky workout.” While you are moving slowly you are using all of your large and small muscle groups for balance and working your core muscles with the movements and breathing. The controlled breathing helps pull everything in, creating a protective armor.

Sensai Janelle reviewed Chris’ (bariatric coordinator) testing numbers. Chris has been practicing Tai Chi for 3 ½ months with them and has greatly improved her balance, flexibility and strength. WOW!

She explained some benefits of Tai Chi:

  • Improving balance by working the stabilizing muscles
  • Improving core strength both upper and lower
  • Stress and grief relief
  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Muscle toning
  • Increasing endurance

Sensai Janelle passed out some personal goal questionnaire sheets. There are three types of training:

  • On your own-we are busy and stressed, it is easy to let training and exercise get kicked to the curb. We many times don’t push ourselves and it can be boring.
  • Group training- can be more fun and easier to be motivated.
  • Personal training- most accountable (trainer will call you if you don’t show up), constantly changing the workout so that you are always progressing towards your goals.

Sensai Janelle and Sensai Gary then had the attendees divide into two groups to practice some Tai Chi poses and movements. One group was standing while the other group learned seated exercises. We learned how to bring our movements together with breathing. We were instructed on how to keep our body in line to assist with balance which worked all our muscles. Everyone agreed that their legs were feeling the burn after the demonstration was complete.

They then handed out a card with a free session to sign up for at www.ussdkc.com 

USSD BROOKSIDE-816.437.8762

USSD Prairie Village-913.649.4422

USSD Lenexa-913.283.7844