Facilitator:  Chris Bovos, RN, CBN

This support group information is intended for patients who are at least 1 year out from surgery and have experienced weight regain. This information is not intended for patients who are still losing weight or are less than a year out from surgery and their weight loss is stalled – those patients need to make an appointment with the dietitians in the office to assist them.

The information Chris shared about the Back on Track program was taken from author Kaye Bailey and her book “The 5 Day Pouch Test.” The book is available on Amazon for $9.99 and she has other books that she has written about the weight loss surgery journey. Kaye Bailey had a Gastric Bypass surgery in 1999 and lost down to her goal weight. She maintained it for a number of years, and then slowly began regaining her weight. This was so distressing for her, that she began writing about it and developed a program to get herself back on track. She then began sharing that information in books and on her website to assist others, and has devoted her life since then to helping patients with their own weight loss journey.

The program that Chris discussed is a 5 day program that is NOT intended to have you lose any of the weight you have regained. Instead, it is a program to help you relearn how to use your “tool” so that you can get back to the way you are supposed to be eating and resume your weight loss. She reviewed how you have to prepare for the 5 day challenge, pick 5 days where you can focus on following the rules, and get the foods you will need so you don’t go to the grocery store during the 5 day test. The goal is that at the end of the 5 days, you will have cleared the carbohydrates out of your system, you will have decreased the size of your stomach and begin to feel full after eating a small portion of food. This will allow you to get Back on Track with the 4 Golden Rules of Weight Loss Surgery :

• Always start with protein and get in 60 gm a day of high quality protein

• Get in 64 ounces of fluid, but do not drink 30 minutes before, during or after a meal

• Avoid snacking

• Enjoy 30 minutes of activity a day

For more information about Kaye Bailey, the 5 Day Pouch Test and other books and recipes from her, go to:


The handouts provided at the meeting provide pouch “re-set” details, tracking sheets for tracking food intake over the 5 day re-set and a number of recipes.  You can access this information here:   BACK ON TRACK packet

Good luck to all on your pouch “re-set”!  You can do this!!