Our patient Debbi is a very special lady and one of the winners of our photo contest! She put in a lot of hard work and she went from 324 lbs to 148lbs! We are so lucky to know her and have been a part of her weight loss story! Let’s hear it for Debbi!!!

“My surgery was in March 2016. A year after my surgery Dr. Aragon also did the surgery to take care of all the loose skin I had from my stomach.

While losing the weight and getting healthier I was able to return to bowling. I even won a tournament that got me to compete in a National tournament that I placed 5th in. I now bowl at least 5 times a week. Also, by getting healthy I have been able to maintain my house since my husband passed 19 months ago.

I know with all my heart that Dr. Aragon saved my life.”