Laparoscopic Sleeve

Rose had the Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure performed in March of 2010.


To feel better about myself, and for my health, I had high blood pressure, arthritis, and a year earlier I had broken my ankle and had a lot of trouble recovering from that. I wanted to sit in the floor and play with my grandkids!!! I do that now. It is glorious.

What were the short and long term effects of having it done?

I wish I would have had the surgery done years ago. However, as many people think, it is not the easy way out. Your entire live changes and you have to be willing to make that change to be successful. I have lost the weight, now I have to continue everyday to keep the weight off. It is not a magic pill, but a tool for use for the rest of my life. I love telling my story and hope that I can pass this wonderful gift that Dr. Hoehn’s team has given me, on to other people and help them. After surgery, I recovered quickly,only missing a few days work. People look at the amount of food I eat, and say they could never do this. If I can, then anyone can. You are full and satisfied. End of story.

What did you think of The Bariatric Center of Kansas City’s seminar?

The seminar was helpful, I enjoyed seeing patients and hearing there stories, it was so inspiring. I hope one of these days to be able to speak at their seminar. The night I went, it was packed. There are so many people out there hurting and looking for this wonderful gift of health. I didn’t believe that the surgery would help my blood pressure as fast as it did. I haven’t taken any meds for high blood pressure since the day before my surgery. It has never been out of the normal range. I am blessed.

What, if anything, would you do differently?

The only thing’ wish’ could change would be the follow-up support meetings. They are during the day, and working full time and just starting yet another new job I can’t take the time off to make the trip. I wish I worked at the Bariatric Center of Kansas City so I could use this wonderful gift and inspire others. I have an entire library of bariatric surgery books, cookbooks and utilize many websites, realize the bariatric sleeve was a realatively new procedure and there isn’t alot of press yet about the subject. I look forward to continuing my quest for knowledge of my favorite topic …. Bariatric Surgery. I look in the mirror today, and sometimes still don’t recognize myself! The best part of losing so much weight is clothes shopping. I have never owned a little black dress and now I do!

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