Katherine Caddell (Element Fitness) – March 2017

Getting started exercising is the hardest part, but once you begin, your body will love you for it!

Equipment Needed:

  • Chair
  • Resistance Bands – Color matters (Check package to make sure they comply)
    Yellow 4-6 lbs      Green 8-10 lbs      Red 12-14 lbs      Blue 16-18 lbs
  • Ankle weights -Allows you to change the weight from 1-5 lbs based on ability level
  • Dumbbells -Light works well to begin with, and as strength builds, you can increase

*10 and 3 are beginners’ magic numbers – 10 repetitions of each exercise with 3 sets.

Exercises with chair – Sit on the edge of your seat with great posture to engage your core

For any questions or guidance, feel free to contact me at or by calling Element Fitness at 913-268-3633.