Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy – I had battled with my weight for most of my adult life. Each year my glucose levels were getting higher and higher and with the family history of diabetes I was afraid that was going to be my fate. I also have a niece and nephew that I wanted to be able to be more active with and didn’t want to be remembered as “Fat Aunt Lori”.All in all I was just tired of fighting myself year after year and decided that I needed some help. I had mentally gotten to the point that I knew I needed to make some serious lifestyle changes. I knew with such a tool I could be successful and go on to live a healthier, happier life.

The sleeve was more fitting for me personally. I didn’t like the idea of something being permanently implanted in me and wasn’t quite sure I was ready for something like the bypass. It wasn’t going to be as easy to “cheat” with the sleeve as it would with the band, something that I knew I needed to help me keep more accountable. Without a doubt its been the best thing that I’ve ever done for myself!! I can’t thank Dr. Hoehn enough for helping me get my life back, he’s simply amazing!

What were the short and long term effects of having it done?

Short term: Changing your diet, becoming accustomed to the new portion size and not ever really being hungry. Adjusting to the new you.
Long term: Better health, more energy, more mobility. Adjusting to the new you – the smaller you.

What did you think of the seminar?

I think the seminar is very well put together. It’s very informative. They discuss the three different procedures that are available, allowing each potential patient to make a very informative decision. For myself when I attended the seminar I was interested in the Lapband. It wasn’t until I attended this seminar that I was introduced to the Sleeve. I had never heard of it before. Of course I was very intrigued and started doing research the very next day. The more I read the more I was leaning toward the sleeve over the band.

Would you do anything differently?

I think the way they currently run the seminar is really good. I think it’s a great touch that they have patients from each procedure attend to offer their insight on their experience. I think it makes it more “real” to see and hear someone first hand.

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Is the Sleeve Right For Me?

Lori had the Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure performed in March of 2010.

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