Facilitated by:  KC Bariatric admin

The July 3rd support group was designed to be a feedback session to better learn the support group needs of our patients.  We identified and discussed topics that patients felt would be the most helpful to have more  information on.  Chris shared a sheet with “The Basics to Know Before Surgery” taken from a book by Susan Maria Leach, who had surgery.  The list was compiled from patients who have had surgery and is meant to help cover things that may not be covered in classes preoperatively.  Chris wanted to know if the group thought this would be helpful to share with patients in the pre-op education class, and the group felt it was good and would be a nice handout for class.  Two items patients wanted to add were:

            Your bowel movements will change – don’t freak out.

            If you are struggling with weight regain at some point, get back to the basics.

 The group was asked what changes they would like to see in support groups, either in topics, times, days, etc. and which support groups they found most helpful.  We got some great tips for us to use going forward, but overall most people felt they liked the support groups just as they are, and found them very helpful.  If anyone would like to contribute to the feedback and were unable to be there, please email Chris at chris.bovos@shawneemission.org.

A couple of ideas that we received were:

  • keep the speakers portion short – no more than 30 minutes, as the most helpful part is the sharing with other patients
  • would like more information about meal prep
  • would like a support group just for families of patients
  • would like to learn exercises for core muscles – perhaps post a video with exercises on it as an exercise blog so patients can know what to do for different trouble spots
  • body transformation – how the weight loss affects you physically, alters the way you move which may cause some different pain
  • clarify who to call after surgery – book just says call the office – need to know there is an answering person 24/7 so you will get a live person
  • meditation, yoga, stretching
  • medical ID bracelets

Those are just some of the suggestions, so email Chris if you have other ideas moving forward.  We want this support group to be what you need to be successful!  We love feedback.