Laparoscopic Gastric Banding “LapBand” ®

Jon had the Laparoscopic Gastric Banding procedure performed in March of 2010.


I elected to have weight loss surgery because at 42 years old I was close to going over 300lbs. I struggled with my weight all of my life, and I was finally tired of losing the battle of the bulge.

What were the short and long term effects of having it done?

The short term effects, (ie, post-op effects), were an immediate change in what I could eat. But as I healed from the surgery I was able to reintroduce old foods back into my diet. But I also found that I was less inclined to overindulge in those foods. In the long term, I have discovered a more healthy relationship with food that has also resulted in weight loss that I am not only happy with, but is loss that I know I can maintain.

What did you think of the seminar?

The seminar was very helpful and informative. I’m glad Dr. Hoehn takes the time to conduct these seminars; it helped educate me on whether or not this procedure was right for me.

What would you do differently?


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