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Life After Weight Loss Surgery

Fundamentals of Success

Bariatric surgery is not a quick fix to achieve your goal weight. It requires many changes to your lifestyle that you will need to remain committed to or you will greatly decrease your chances of success. The physical changes your surgeon will make to your digestive system will make some of these adjustments easier than they otherwise would be. The decreased amount of food you will be able to eat will help you to eat less, but the type and nutritional quality of your diet also need to change. Since the amount of food you can eat each day is a fraction of what it was before surgery, everything you eat needs to have high nutritional value so that your dietary needs can be met. Your doctor will give you detailed instructions about what your diet should be like at every stage after your surgery.

It can be difficult to be successful without a social support system. Maintaining a relationship with your medical team can be invaluable following your surgery, since they will be able to monitor your progress and offer advice. Your surgeon may refer you to a support group so that you can develop strategies for changing your eating habits. Support groups are also helpful because you can find compassion and empathy from people who have experienced or who are experiencing the same things you are.
Bariatric surgery is the first step on the road to successful weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. Following surgery, you will have to make a commitment to changing your lifestyle and making healthy decisions. Staying in contact with your doctor and making connections with others who have had surgery can help ensure continued success.