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How To Begin

Careful Consideration

Before beginning the approval process for weight loss surgery, it is important to discuss your decision with your loved ones. Make sure that the people close to you know that you are serious about your decision to undergo weight loss surgery and that you need their support.

If it is difficult to find supportive people in your life, it can be helpful to speak with a therapist, since they can help you with problem-solving strategies, including dealing with interpersonal problems. During the approval process for surgery, you will need to have an evaluation of your mental health, so having a relationship with a therapist before you begin the approval process for surgery can be advantageous. In addition, we are connected to support groups for people who have had weight loss surgery. These groups can also help you determine if weight loss surgery is the right decision for you and can help develop a plan to discuss your decision with your family and friends.

Talking with your insurance company or developing a plan for self-pay is also important. Determining your coverage under your insurance plan can be a long and involved process which you may not have time for later when you are in the midst of being approved for surgery.

The decision to have weight loss surgery can be an exciting one, but it is important to ensure that you are completely prepared to make the changes to your lifestyle that the surgery requires. Doing research and being as fully-informed as possible when you begin the decision-making and approval processes can make your surgery date arrive much more quickly than it would if you were unprepared for the administrative and personal consequences of your decision.