Dietitian Sidney is a published author!

One of our amazing Dietitians, Sidney Smith, was recently published in a magazine! Sidney had an article she contributed to featured in AdventHealth Magazine– My Health KC “Eat Your Way to Better Heart Health.” She gives some fantastic advice in the article! We feel lucky to have such incredible providers here at KC Bariatric!  …

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Becky is healthy after surgery at KC Bariatric

Becky went to KC Bariatric and got her life back on track after being overweight

“I remember thinking about bariatric surgery probably two years before I had it, (secretly in my head). I was afraid to say it out loud and ashamed that I knew I needed it. My entire family was overweight, my grandma, mom, aunt, then sister eventually, and now me. I wasn’t always, only for about 10…

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Amanda is a Bariathlete after Bariatric Surgery


Our patient Amanda had weight loss surgery with Dr. Hamilton and has transformed her life in so many incredible ways! She started at 250 lbs and is now at 180lbs! She has become a Bariathlete and long-distance runner! She is so inspiring and we’re sure you’ll love this interview of her where she shares her…

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Dr. Cunningham is an internationally published author!

Doctor Cunningham is a board certified weight loss surgeon in Kansas City

One of our brilliant bariatric surgeons at KC Bariatric, Dr. Cunningham, recently had a publication in a highly respected international scientific journal! Before joining us at KC Bariatric, Dr. Cunningham worked with lead author Professor J. Calvin Coffey in Ireland on a review of emerging research into the ‘mesentery’, an abdominal organ that was reclassified…

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Hair Loss After Bariatric Surgery

hairbrush with hair spelling out "help"

Although hair loss can happen after bariatric surgery, it is not permanent, and your hair will grow back. But why does this happen, will it happen to me and what can I do to prevent it? It is impossible to predict who will experience hair loss after surgery. Whether you are aware of it or…

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Coffee After Bariatric Surgery

two bariatric patients enjoy coffee in their mugs after bariatric surgery

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages around the world and many people start their day off with a morning cup of joe. Many of us aren’t quite the same without it! Coffee is an excellent source of antioxidants and has been proven to have many benefits related to mood, brain function, and even…

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Debbi’s Successful Weight loss Transformation

a before and after bariatric surgery photo of successful eldery patient debbi

Our patient Debbi is a very special lady and one of the winners of our photo contest! She put in a lot of hard work and she went from 324 lbs to 148lbs! We are so lucky to know her and have been a part of her weight loss story! Let’s hear it for Debbi!!!…

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Pete’s Successful Bariatric Journey

Pete Smith had a successful weight loss transformation with KC Bariatric

We had the pleasure of sitting down with one of our awe-inspiring patients Pete Smith and hearing about his bariatric journey! He has had a fantastic weight loss transformation and we loved learning more about his story and what got him to where he is today! “I’m coming up on my two-year surgery anniversary. I…

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How To Prepare For Your First 5K

two bariatric patients run a 5K in front of bright green field

Walking or running a 5K — 3.1 miles — can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially if it’s your first time. But even though this is the shortest distance for running races, it still requires adequate training and preparation. Depending on your level of fitness and your goal, the type of training plan you…

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