Human Microbiome: GI Health After Bariatric Surgery

Facilitator: KC Admin Human microbiome is the collection of all the microbes in the human body.  Microbes are tiny living organisms such as bacterium, fungus, viruses, etc, and there are over 300 species of bacteria alone.  Our intestinal tract, mostly the colon, contains about 100 trillion microbes. These microbes control some of the body’s functions. …

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Healthy Snack Ideas for Spring

kansas city healthy snacks

Spring has arrived, which means many people will be making a bigger effort to lose weight or get into shape for those “skimpier” wardrobe selections such as shorts, tank tops, bathing suits, etc. Whether you have had weight loss surgery, lost a few pounds on your own (or are working at it as you read…

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Meditation for Inner Peace

Bariatric Support Group Meditation for Inner Peace Facilitator: Rosie Dominguez and Chris Bovos, RN, CBN Chris introduced Rosie Dominguez, who is a spiritual and wellness coach.  Rosie shared her story of how she used to have a very stress filled job for many years, and then with the illness of her mother, began a shift…

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Kansas City Bariatric Surgery – Hair Loss

Why does my hair fall out after Bariatric Surgery? A common fear and complaint of Kansas City Bariatric Surgery patients is hair loss after the operation. While our hair is an important part of our body image, it is not very important to our bodies. For this reason, nutrition can have a great impact on…

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Resolutions: Setting and Achieving Realistic Goals

three kc bariatric patients run together

Now that we are starting a new year, a lot of people make resolutions – about 60% of us make them, but only about 8% of us keep them.  Katie gave a brief overview of the history of New Year’s resolutions going back about 4000 years, when people started each year making promises to the…

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Dietitian Sidney is a published author!

One of our amazing Dietitians, Sidney Smith, was recently published in a magazine! Sidney had an article she contributed to featured in AdventHealth Magazine– My Health KC “Eat Your Way to Better Heart Health.” She gives some fantastic advice in the article! We feel lucky to have such incredible providers here at KC Bariatric!  …

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Becky is healthy after surgery at KC Bariatric

Becky went to KC Bariatric and got her life back on track after being overweight

“I remember thinking about bariatric surgery probably two years before I had it, (secretly in my head). I was afraid to say it out loud and ashamed that I knew I needed it. My entire family was overweight, my grandma, mom, aunt, then sister eventually, and now me. I wasn’t always, only for about 10…

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Amanda is a Bariathlete after Bariatric Surgery


Our patient Amanda had weight loss surgery with Dr. Hamilton and has transformed her life in so many incredible ways! She started at 250 lbs and is now at 180lbs! She has become a Bariathlete and long-distance runner! She is so inspiring and we’re sure you’ll love this interview of her where she shares her…

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Dr. Cunningham is an internationally published author!

One of our brilliant bariatric surgeons at KC Bariatric, Dr. Cunningham, recently had a publication in a highly respected international scientific journal! Before joining us at KC Bariatric, Dr. Cunningham worked with lead author Professor J. Calvin Coffey in Ireland on a review of emerging research into the ‘mesentery’, an abdominal organ that was reclassified…

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