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The Bariatric Center of Kansas City | Weight Loss Surgery Kansas City

The Bariatric Center of Kansas City is the largest center for laparoscopic weight loss surgery in the Kansas City metropolitan area. We are listed by the Surgical Review Corporation as a Bariatric Center of Excellence.
Dr. Stanley Hoehn has served on university faculties and have received specialty training in the field of laparoscopic weight loss surgery from surgeons who developed laparoscopic techniques. In addition to the dedicated surgeons, we are also staffed with physician assistants, nurses and support staff that have years of experience in providing compassionate, patient-centered care.

To ensure that you are informed of the changes to your lifestyle that you will need to make, you should meet with a surgeon and be prepared with a list of questions to ask about the surgery. The decision to undergo weight loss surgery should be given time and careful consideration. As with any surgical procedure, weight loss surgery carries certain risks. Much of the procedure’s success is dependent upon the patient.

Preparing yourself as much as possible for the days ahead will ensure you have the highest potential for success. Establishing a relationship with a team of trained professionals and a supportive

network of friends can help you be successful following your weight loss surgery. We may recommend you to see a dietitian or nutritionist and psychologist or therapist. We can also connect you with a support group containing others who have undergone the surgery. You may want to attend one of these groups before your surgery to know what to expect following your surgery.






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Life following weight-loss surgery requires many changes, some of which you may have prepared for before surgery, and some which can be sudden. Immediately after surgery, your diet will be limited exclusively to liquids. Soon you can begin gradually introducing foods back into your diet, one by one. While this is happening, you will have to make sure you get enough of the nutrients your body needs every day.

Before your surgery, it is a good idea to begin the lifestyle changes you need so that you can spend your time in recovery focusing on healing and reinforcing new routines and changes in your diet and habits. Establishing an exercise regimen and a healthier diet can make it easier to transition into the period after your surgery. Though the process can be difficult, great things will be happening in your body and in your life!

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