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Weight Loss Support Group Meeting Minutes

May 1, 2018 – Tai Chi for Core Strength and Balance

Facilitators:  Sensai Janelle and Gary from USSD Lenexa Sensai Janelle first explained the two different styles of martial arts classes that they teach. First being Kempo, an active style- the yang version; and Tai Chi, a slower focused style- the ying version. She went on to explain that during Tai Chi one uses slow, relaxed

April 21, 2018 – Back on Track with a 5 Day Pouch “Re-set”

Facilitator:  Chris Bovos, RN, CBN This support group information is intended for patients who are at least 1 year out from surgery and have experienced weight regain. This information is not intended for patients who are still losing weight or are less than a year out from surgery and their weight loss is stalled –

April 3, 2018 – Beyond the Scale

Facilitator:  Dr. Ravi Sabapathy Dr. Sabapathy started by explaining that since a scale is just a unit of measurement, it can become an interference in our weight loss process if we let it.  He wanted to address how you keep it from becoming a mental hurdle. He pointed out that there is a process to

March 22, 2018 – Hair Loss After Weight Loss Surgery

Facilitated by Chris Bovos, BSN, CBN 91% of hair is made of a structural protein called keratin, with the rest being trace vitamins and minerals and melanin for color. You are born with about 5 million hair follicles on your body and the average hair will grow about ½ an inch a month or 6

March 6, 2018 – Muscles & Myokines

Facilitator:  Kari McKeown, RPT Kari is one of the physical therapists in the Comprehensive Care Office of the Bariatric Center of Kansas City, and has been a physical therapist for many years.  She said the research and her own experience demonstrate that patients who begin physical therapy and become active prior to a surgery have

February 24, 2018 – Human Microbiome: GI Health After Bariatric Surgery

Facilitator: Laura Hernandez, RD, LD Laura Hernandez, lead dietitian at the Bariatric Center of Kansas City, explained that the human microbiome is the collection of all the microbes in the human body.  Microbes are tiny living organisms such as bacterium, fungus, viruses, etc, and there are over 300 species of bacteria alone.  Our intestinal tract,

February 6, 2018 – HIIT Training to Increase Metabolism

Facilitated by Greg Justice, M.ED, Owner AYC Fitness Greg talked to the group about metabolism, how to boost it, and the importance of mixing strength and resistance training into your routine.  Metabolism is the total sum of all the chemical reactions that take place in your body. The four components of metabolism are: Resting Metabolic

January 25, 2018 – HALT Emotional Eating

Facilitated by Dr. Michelle Coker, Clinical Psychologist One of the triggers for eating is our emotions.  We use food to soothe ourselves in many stressful situations, but it can be controlled with some awareness.  Dr. Coker talked about a simple way to clarify why we are eating called HALT:             H – Hungry:     Do I

January 2, 2018 – Food Labels – What Does It All Mean?

Facilitated by Chris Bovos, BSN, CBN The following is an outline summary of the food label presentation given at the January 2nd support group meeting.   This information has been written up in more detail and presented in a blog article that can be viewed on our blog page:  Healthy Eating – The Importance of Understanding

November 7, 2017 – Setting & Meeting Activity Goals

Facilitated by:  Kari McKeown, RPT  and Barb Cashman, RPT Our two new physical therapists in the office were introduced and they spoke briefly about how they would be meeting with all patients pre-operatively to do a physical evaluation of mobility and making recommendations for activity that can be started prior to surgery.  Kari shared the