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Pathway to Surgery for Weight Loss

Deciding to have weight-loss surgery will change your life in a positive and healthy way. The decision of where to have your surgery is  critically important and will affect your weight loss success and overall bariatric surgery experience.  You can rest assured that KC Bariatric surgeons have performed the largest number of bariatric procedures in the Midwest region and are therefore the most experienced and skilled at doing them. Our program partner, Shawnee Mission Health at Prairie Star, is an accredited Comprehensive Bariatric Center.  This designation acknowledges the superior surgical and medical care made available to our patients, including complication rates far below the national average.

If you are interested in becoming a patient and having your weight loss/bariatric surgery with us, you can expect the following “Pathway to Surgery”. . .

  1. Register online for our free informational seminar;
  2. Meet with Dr. Hoehn, Dr. Hamilton, or Dr. Aragon for your initial surgical consultation. At this visit you will also have an opportunity to meet your Case Manager, who will guide you through the process of insurance approval, diagnostic testing, and scheduling your surgery;
  3. Meet with one of our program dietitians: Laura Hernandez, RD, LD or Annie Epp, RD, LD;
  4. Obtain psychological clearance for bariatric surgery by Dr. Ravi Sabapathy, PsyD, or Dr. Michelle Coker, PhD;
  5. Undergo any required diagnostic tests such as endoscopy, blood work, or tests to obtain cardiac or pulmonary clearance, if necessary;
  6. Attend preoperative education and nutrition class with our Program Coordinator. This class details what you can expect before, during and after surgery. You will learn what your procedure can and cannot accomplish and you will receive step-by-step post-operative care instructions, including suggested meal plans and recipes;
  7. Prepare for your surgery by going on a high-protein, liquid-only diet for 1-2 weeks before the surgery. This shrinks the size of the liver and allows us to perform the surgery more safely and easily.

The “Pathway to Surgery” can take 2 or more months, depending on certain requirements from your insurance plan. We are able to help around 1,000 patients or more every year get through this process efficiently. Contact us and get started on the path to a new and healthier you today!

If you are a Private-Pay patient without bariatric insurance benefits, contact us to discuss our “Fast-Track Pathway” and see how you may be able to schedule your surgery within 30 days of your initial surgical consultation!