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Medical Professionals

Our success is the result of the strong commitment to bariatric surgery excellence and our relationships with patients and healthcare professionals in the community. Thank you for showing your confidence in our practice by recommending The Bariatric Center of Kansas City to your patients. We are thrilled to learn that many patients reach out to us based on your recommendations!

KC Bariatric offers online support for medical professionals to assist with referrals. We offer a wide variety of services including:

Bariatric Surgery Consult.  Includes new patients, lap band removals, revision evaluations after weight loss surgery, transfer of care, etc.

Nurse Practitioner Consult. Includes medical clearance for bariatric surgery, non-bariatric medical weight loss programs, and general medical management.

Psychology Consult. Includes bariatric and non-surgical psychological evaluations.

Dietitian Consult. Includes bariatric and non-surgical nutrition evaluations.

Physical Therapy. Includes bariatric and non-surgical nutrition evaluations and on-site therapy.

To refer a patient for bariatric surgery, complete the bariatric referral form via link below or fax to 913-677-1540 and instruct the patient to submit the online application via our Home Page > Online Seminar.

Submit Bariatric Surgery Referral

To refer a patient for any other healthcare services, complete the below referral form.

Submit Healthcare Provider Referral