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LapBand Fills & LapBand Adjustments

Gastric Banding Adjustment Under Fluoroscopy

The Bariatric Center of Kansas City is pleased to announce the use of office based fluoroscopy to assist patients in maximizing the filling results of their gastric band adjustments.
The surgeons at The Bariatric Center of Kansas City are able to precisely fill the LapBand with real time visualization of the band and how fast the band empties.

The purpose of this technology is to perform an upper GI study while the LapBand is being filled. This allows us to more accurately achieve the level of restriction desired for controlling hunger AND avoids overfilling or obstruction of the LapBand.

The patient is able to visually see all this as it is happening which also gives a greater sense of what’s going on when they eat or drink.

Having this machine on site adds to our concept of a “one stop shop” where all care and aftercare can be done at one place without having to walk or travel to different sites.
Most health insurances cover this procedure. If someone has had their LapBand placed at another practice, state or out of the country; the ability for us to visualize the LapBand at the first appointment, allows us to begin the fills at that visit. We welcome “out of towners” or those who want to change practices. Any information regarding your LapBand that may be with another practice is helpful, but not necessary.

We offer competitive self-pay fill options as well for those who do not have bariatric surgery insurance coverage. Please call our office for further information and to set up a new appointment at 913-677-6319.

As the longest running and highest volume Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence, the Bariatric Center of Kansas City is constantly striving to stay on the cutting edge of bariatric surgery and care. Fluoroscopically assisted band adjustments have dramatically improved the post-operative care our band patients now receive.