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Bariatric Surgery Support Groups

Our patients are encouraged to attend at least 1 support group every month. The research shows that patients who regularly attend support groups have a greater level of success with weight loss.

Clothing Exchange: As you transition through several sizes, you may want to donate clothing bigger than what you now need. We will take ONLY those items that are 3X or smaller, clean, no holes or stains, and offer them to other patients in our clothing exchange. And you can “shop” for items that fit you now when you come for support group.

We have support groups twice a month. Please check the Facebook page for the Bariatric Center of Kansas City to see upcoming dates and topics. Some will be geared to those who are further out from surgery, and some for those who are less than 4 months out.  All support groups take place in the Conference Room at Prairie Star Health, Building A.